Purchasing a property can be considered a very daunting and trying time. Having a Buyer’s Agent takes the hard work out of buying a property. A buyer’s agent represents a buyer and handles the purchasing process as well as providing information, support & advice. A Buyers Agent also saves you time by searching & analysing properties which match a criteria provided by yourself. These properties will then be presented to the buyer creating a faster and more efficient outcome.

Our Buyers Agent regularly studies the key principles of negotiation allowing the best price and terms during negotiation.

With a large clientele, Cell Realty has access to properties and sellers who have not got there properties on the open market.  

Cell Realty works outside the parameters other buyer agents work in as we go and find the sellers of which ever property buyers are looking for, not just go onto the internet and view properties which are now for sale.

When finding these properties there is no conflict of interest as sellers do not pay Cell Realty commission, this is paid by the buyer.

Eliminate the stress, hard work and confusion. Have one agent looking out for your needs, not several different agents looking after a seller’s needs.

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