The first of the Northern Suburbs were developed in the 1940's post war period, but did you know that your local suburb Joondanna could have been called Belair after Hollywood, California? This idea was rejected and the Perth Road Board opened a competition in 1939 for someone to come up with a new name for the area. The competition was won by Mrs A Curtis who once lived in Osborne Park and suggested the name Joondanna as this was what Mr. Banks (a man believed to be the original settler and owner of the area) used to call the land.

Tuart Hill

Named after the Tuart tree which once grew extensively throughout the area, Tuart Hill was originally to be called Grenville, but this idea was knocked back due to the likeness to New South Whales' Granville. With several schools, huge reserves and full sized playing fields, Tuart Hill truly is a magnificent inner city suburb.  


Deriving from the Aboriginal word for 'native dog' Yokine was given its name because it is so close to the Dog Swamp area. A housing boom in the area of Yokine first occurred after the second world war. Prior to this the only house to stand in the area was at the eastern end of Royal Street. Yokine features many parks (the biggest of which being Yokine Reserve), 2 schools and a golf course.   


 The name Balga derives from the Aboriginal word for the indigenous grass trees Xanthorrhoea. Balga contains many different parks and reserves, the largest of which being Princess Wallington Reserve. Complete with an aquatic center, tennis courts, a soccer club, a cricket club and several schools. Attention has recently been drawn to Balga with the demand of development blocks growing incredibly higher.